The shape of the nose is not a coincidence and says a lot about a person

Experts say the nose reveals personality. If you want to know what kind of person someone is, well consider his nose and you will find out the main features of his character. Is it a stable or temperament person? Is it calm or aggressive person?

Straight nose

Classical straight and narrow nose reveals an inspired person, but also very functional, which has the organizational skills. These are people who in times of crisis, are good to have beside you. Persons with Greek noses don’t panic, think logically and know the emotions linger for themselves. In the work they are very effective.

Wide nose

Extended nose have persons for who are said that have leadership skills. Such nose reveals a strong personality, but not temperamental. People with such nose are moderate, not hasty in making decisions and have strong ability to influence others. Effective organizers know and inspire others to act.

Fleshy nose

At the root is narrow, but at the entire length is expanding, at the end is snub. Such noses have people who think fast, and act quickly. People with such a nose are very clever and react quickly. Sometimes, too fast, this sometimes makes them aggressive. It is believed that such people tend to be caring and loyal partners.

Snub nose

This shape of the nose that is slightly raised reveals the kind and optimistic person. Usually it comes to caring people who from family and friends love to receive love. People with this form of the nose are full of enthusiasm and love to experiment. They are open to sexual adventures, but they can be faithful.

The curved nose

People who have a nose slightly curved downward like aquiline beak, usually design their own way of life and don’t follow the other. They don’t want the approval of others and tend to be rebellious. Such people don’t care what others say about them and adhere to their own beliefs. They are happiest, when they are working on the realization of their objectives.

Scientists’ opinion

Scientists have studied the relationship between nose shape and function, and have found that different nose shapes can play a role in how we breathe and sense odors.

One study found that people with wider nostrils tend to have a better sense of smell than those with narrower nostrils. This is because wider nostrils allow for more air to flow into the nose, which allows for more odor molecules to be detected.

Another study found that people with a curved or hooked nose shape tend to have better nasal airflow than those with a straighter nose shape. This is because the curved shape of the nose helps to direct airflow to the back of the nasal passages, which can improve the ability to breathe.

These findings are based on small studies and further research is needed to establish a definitive link between nose shape and function. Additionally, nose shape can also be influenced by genetics, culture and different ethnic backgrounds, and it is not the only factor that determines the function of the nose.

Nose shape is not always related to nasal function, some people with different nose shape could have normal nasal function, and some people with similar nose shape could have different nasal function. A proper clinical examination and medical history are necessary to determine the function of the nose.

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