How To Repair Your Damaged Kidney With Only 1 Teaspoon Of Baking Soda

Kidney stones can be caused by many different things. If your urine contains more calcium, uric acid, or oxalate than your urine can effectively dilute, you could be creating the perfect conditions for kidney stones. Genetics and certain lifestyle factors can also put you at risk for kidney stones – such as a high protein diet, gout, high doses of vitamin D, and metabolic disorders.

Teaspoon Of Baking Soda A Day Cures Kidney Failure

However, there is good news. There is a very natural option that can help get rid of and slow the progress of kidney stones with little difficulty. Drum roll, please…

It’s baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Furthermore, the study by the Royal London Hospital has found that this simple household cleaning product is so good at what it does that it can prevent patients from going onto kidney machines. It has even helped patients on dialysis reverse the kidney failure to the point of no longer needing dialysis.

So, how does this work?

Bicarbonate is naturally produced by the kidneys. The pancreas also secretes bicarbonate – which is something diabetes treatments fail to address. However, production of bicarbonate is an incredibly important protectant of the kidneys. If the levels are low enough, the kidneys will pick up the slack and begin producing it. Though this connects diabetes and kidney diseases, that’s a little off-topic.

When the kidneys fail to produce bicarbonate or fail to get bicarbonate into the urine (which can be caused by a variety of causes other than kidney stones), the bicarbonate can get into the blood and cause it to become too acidic. When the kidneys are failing, it is incredibly difficult for them to remove any acid from the blood. Acidic blood is cured when the kidneys are able to move the acid into the urine.

When sodium bicarbonate is used in conjunction with an already established treatment for the kidney failure, the British scientists found that it can slow the decline of kidney functions. By the end of the two years of the study, only 6.5% of the participants in the study were in need of dialysis. This was a large reduction when compared to the 33% of the control group who still needed dialysis at the end.

How To Drink Baking Soda In Order To Solve Many Health Issues!

It is well known that the baking soda has a lot of benefits for our health and we are using it in our everyday life. Furthermore, by combining the baking soda with water you can treat a lot of everyday problems.

You can find the baking soda very easy and it is very cheap, less than $1, which makes it very cheap home remedie. Despite its usage for treating minor accidents and injuries, the baking soda can get to be a part of your regular hygiene routine.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the benefits from the baking soda which will make your life easier.

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